New York, I love you.

I wasn’t going to include New York in my collection of travels but leafing through some old photos I found a couple of great ones I had to share.


New York can be summed up in one word – big. Overused I know, but there’s no better description. It’s not just the size of the city; buildings have at least 40 floors, meal portions should be shared between two, people seem to be taller, shops are so overwhelming it’s easier to just walk out, not to mention the traffic jams.


I went to New York in April of 2009. I was just 16, it was my first trip overseas and I was far too snap happy. Unfortunately, most of my photos were taken from a tour bus. If you want to see New York properly do not use a tour bus! Take the subway (it’s cheap, easy and you feel like a local) or even better – walk! The city’s grid layout makes it difficult (but not impossible) to get lost and looking down those huge avenues continuing into the horizon can be beautiful.


If you’re heading to New York, don’t forget to check out China Town. If you love knock offs then this is the place for you. Often the advertised prices can be bargained down and if you still don’t find something you like you’ll be taken to the storage rooms for a wider selection. Just remember to make sure you’re with someone.


I didn’t go to New York as a tourist so there are many things I didn’t get to see or do. Next time I go – and there will be a next time – I want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to explore Brooklyn, spend entire days in Central Park, visit some of the numerous museums and lose myself in the map division of the New York Public Library. But the biggest desire I have is to watch the sun set over Manhattan from the GE Building observation deck. Sounds corny but I kind of love corny and New York, I kind of love you.

2 Responses to “New York, I love you.”
  1. pdjpix says:

    I like your list for next time. regards Peet

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