Riddles of love

ImageImageLondon is a riddle, Paris is an explanation. 

G. K. Chesterson

Honestly, I’ve always found it to be the other way round but that doesn’t mean I could ever say which is better. It’s impossible to choice between them: one is full of light and life while the other is calm and welcoming; one’s beauty captures you instantly while the other is a little shy, though still a wonder. Both are soaked in history and the arts, both have eras I wish I could have lived through (Swinging London and the Roaring Twenties) and both have let me down in some way. But I guess none of this matters since I can afford neither and I can just continue living in this imaginary love triangle – London, Paris and I.

2 Responses to “Riddles of love”
  1. Hi,
    I like your blog, so I’ve nominated it for Liebster Award.

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