Well that was unexpected!

After four months in Japan I decided to visit Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan and 30 minutes south of Tokyo. Situated on the Tokyo Bay, it boasts a beautiful, if not industrial, view of Tokyo and Chiba…usually! The day I choose to go, sun shining and camera charged, a yellow desert sandstorm from northern China and Mongolia swept across the bay, creating an unexpected disappearing act. Although I didn’t see the typical Yokohama view, it was a uniquely special and weird sight, plus it quickly cleared the harbour of tourists.


While plans by the harbour fell through, Yokohama’s Chinatown wasn’t effected. Chinatown is a wonderful maze of panda souvenirs, fortune telling (which seems to be done by anyone they can find) and chestnut stalls. Tip: make sure you see the area at night when the lanterns are lit. There’s also a small hidden shrine, which is far more colourful and detailed than the Japanese shrines. But, as my friend giving me the tour said, “one only goes to Chinatown to eat” and it’s true. Every dumpling shop claims to make the number 1 dumplings, restaurants serve meal sets big enough to feed a banquet, and for the braver person, why not try shark fin?


Even though my first visit to Yokohama didn’t turn out as planned, I did have an enjoyable day of firsts – watching a sandstorm engulf an entire city, trying suspicious looking Chinese food, oh, and getting stuck in between closing train doors! Yes, this really happened (I thought it only happens in American movies) and trust me, it hurts. I have the bruises to prove it. Sometimes I think I’m uniquely special and weird, but maybe just weird.

For my best friend, the original special and weird, an amazing individual.

6 Responses to “Well that was unexpected!”
  1. Nice post. I live in Beijing and was on the front end of that sandstorm. I had to bike to a grocery to pick up some food during the middle of it and got a mouthfull of sand.


  2. Jay Dee says:

    What’s interesting is that actually wasn’t sand from China. It was dust from farms in Tochigi and Gunma prefectures. Everyone expected it to be from China, though, as southern Japan was getting hit by it. But it was reported on the news that it was from Japan, not China. Quite the surprise indeed.

  3. Alice L says:

    Gorgeous photos! :) I love the grainy feel of them.

  4. Alba Marie says:

    Sandstorm made for a cool photo!

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