Coffee Talk

久しぶり ! Long time no see ! Apologies for my long absence but I’ve been mourning the loss of my old lap top, or rather, been too lazy to buy a new one. But despite losing a lot on my old computer, including hundreds of photos, it’s been a blessing in disguise. With all my free time I’ve found many wonderful places around Tokyo that make this crazy metropolis more enjoyable.


Easily my new favourite area of Tokyo is Daikanyama. One stop from Shibuya on the Tokyu-Toyoko line, Daikanyama is right in the heart of West Tokyo however it’s worlds away. It’s a  wonderful area of world cuisine restaurants, tiny European boutiques, cafes on every corner and the best Tsutaya library I’ve come across. It feels a lot like Europe and Australia, how that’s even possible I don’t know. A few minutes from the station is a restaurant called Hacienda del Cielo, a great mexican restaurant with very reasonable prices and an incredible view. The restaurant is on the 9th floor of the building and has a terrace but if you want to enjoy the view from outside you need to book a month in advance.



Another recent discovery is a Brazilian bar in Omotesando called Praca 11. It opens Tuesday – Saturday from 8pm with live Brazilian music. The room is small and the band/audience members were all slightly older (35+) but the atmosphere is wonderfully energetic.


On the 15th floor of the E.Space tower in Shibuya, the restaurant Legato serves affordable lunch buffets while you enjoy the view towards Shinjuku (OK I like places with a view). However, if you’re in Shibuya and you just want to sit down with a coffee but can’t find a seat in Starbucks head to Tower Records. On the second floor there is a comfortable cafe that offers food and drinks while they play relaxing music.


The last place I have to recommend seems odd, and if you’re in Tokyo you will most likely know of it, but as a foreigner it’s great. The place, of course, is HUB. An English pub that can be found in nearly every major district of Japan, HUB is a magnet for friendly foreigners or Japanese looking to practise English. If you’re new to Japan and you want to meet people go to your nearest HUB, it’s the easiest place to start.

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    Really useful info & beautiful pics on your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like!

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    I’ve you every think about going to tokyo, pleast read this before! Liked it well.

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