Organised Chaos


There’s no better way to describe Tokyo than an organised chaos. Millions of people running around like headless chickens, whilst still conforming to strict Japanese society.

For example: the trains! People stand in lines on the platform, patiently waiting for the train, but as soon as it stops and those doors open it’s total madness. Trains stop running around midnight but try to avoid being on the last one. The carriages are so crowded the guards physically have to push people in to close the doors! 

The bright lights and vivid colours filling every advertisement space is enough to make you have a fit and the overload of “kawaii” is so sweet you’ll get a toothache. Should something be less than over the top though and there’ll be an uproar of complaints. 

There are certain things that after one year I’m still not used to. Shop assistants carry bags out of the shop for you and bow as you leave, waiters kneel down as they take your order because it’s rude to be taller than the customer, and a rubbish bin is so rare it should be considered an endangered species. However, despite everything still feeling so foreign and insane, this city has grown on me and I find myself desperately grasping for a way to stay. I guess I belong in an organised chaos.

One Response to “Organised Chaos”
  1. kiswe says:

    I lived in Japan some years ago (Saitama prefecture, about 1.5 hours north of Tokyo) and all of things you describe were so true then too! A night out in Tokyo followed by the trains home… oh no! The intricacies of that culture never ceased to amaze me but I’m pretty certain I committed a few faux pas too…

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