The Simple Life


Between moving, visa applications, job hunting and no days off work I once again find myself feeling incredibly nostalgic for the simpler European life. Oh, how I wish I could jump on a train to the beautiful city of Strasbourg right now! In two weeks it will be my 21st birthday, marking one year since arriving in Tokyo. What have I learnt during my 365 days in Kanto? It’s exhausting! So, instead if a typical 21st birthday bash, I’m planning a road trip with a small group of wonderful people I’ve met here. It’s not for long and we won’t get far, but it’ll certainly be a welcome escape. 

Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit in Nagano prefecture?

4 Responses to “The Simple Life”
  1. PhotoCory says:

    I like the layout of your blog :)
    And my,oh my you traveled a lot for your age :) My first contact with the travel outside the country was when I was 24. You are very lucky to have this oportunity!
    I wish you only best and keep following this beautiful passion that is called traveling :) Cheers!

  2. Livonne says:

    Happy 21st birthday.. I hope your trip is a fantastic one for you :)

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