Growing up in Australia, autumn is a season I’d never properly experienced. 9 months of the year are summer, with 3 months of “winter” somewhere in the middle. While I’ve always been a summer girl, constantly longing for the beach, autumn could very well be my new favourite season. During a recent to trip to Nagano (Japan) I fell in love with the vibrant colours covering the forests and mountains. The infinite shades of red, orange, yellow and green aren’t done justice by a few simple photos, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!



14 Responses to “Autumn”
  1. wanderer63 says:

    fantastic pictures! great colors! :-)

  2. Isabella Heymann says:

    Wow that’s amazeballs!!! Autumn is my new favorite season too now since being in Detmold. The couloirs are gorgeous here too! Mannheim had nature problems I think! Xxx

  3. basia329 says:

    Lovely pictures! I’m adjusting the other way, from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere. Still can’t get used to spring in November….

  4. infocustours says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Sydney, now live in Cairns. The seasonal changes in Japan are fantastic. I lived in Hokkaido back in the 90s and the season changes and colours are great.

  5. CBurns says:

    Thank you for checking out my blog. Your photos are breathtaking! I’ve been taking photos lately when I’m on my walks using my cell phone. After seeing these I just might have to upgrade!

    • Thank you so much! Actually I only got a camera about a month ago. These photos were taken with that camera but the rest of my earlier photos from Japan were just taken on my phone. (I’m definitely glad I upgraded though)

  6. lmjapan says:

    Such beautiful pictures! I’m so envious of those who live in areas where they can watch the changing colors of the leaves. Here in Los Angeles, the leaves seem to to go straight from green to brown.

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