Weather With You

Today might be Valentine’s Day but it feels more like Christmas in the Winter Wonderland that is currently Tokyo. It’s this week’s second snowstorm, and I’m over it! The region’s worst snowfall in 45 years has completely shut down the capital, leaving normally bustling streets now deserted. Busy cities and snow are never a good combination. Save it for places like Hokkaido and its snow festival. Having said that, Tokyo blanketed in snow is eerily beautiful, a sight which I courageously (or stupidly?) sacrificed my hands and phone to the snow god for, simply to get a few snaps, none of which turned out well. I have very little luck with snow and it follows me everywhere so I’m wondering if the Crowded House song “Weather With You” was written specifically for me…

Right now I appear to be building a snow mound of my own next to me, made entirely of tissues. Two weeks of being sick is definitely no fun. Medication was no help so any tips or tricks for getting rid of this horrible cold would be greatly appreciated! 

Note to self: Snowstorms + being sick = boredom! Need to purchase some board games ASAP. (Monopoly would be perfect right about now!)

Stay safe and warm all. 


One Response to “Weather With You”
  1. I hope things improve for you soon :)

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