Canal Cafe

Spring made it’s first appearance here in Tokyo yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously! My excitement for a day of warmer weather and sunshine was so high you’d believe it was Christmas. With such beautiful weather there was no better way to spend the afternoon than at Canal Cafe, a restaurant by canal in Iidabashi. During winter its outdoor seating area is completely empty, save for a few foreigners (like myself) refusing to admit that sitting by the water in December is not a bright idea. In Spring however, the deck quickly fills with people riding canoes or simply enjoying the sunshine. This place is a welcome escape from the chaos of Shinjuku or Akihabara without leaving the centre of Tokyo.

Good bye winter, hello spring!





4 Responses to “Canal Cafe”
  1. Beautiful tranquil shots

  2. Canal Cafe is a great place – very relaxing. My friend took me there once and we sat there for hours! Great recommendation!

  3. Hi Luna,
    Thanks for your “like” on my blog and I’ve enjoyed looking through your recent posts from Japan. Yokohama’s Chinatown is a lively place and it’s always great to see pics from Japan. Don’t throw the warm clothes away yet though and I hope you get some nice cherry blossom experiences. Enjoy the season.

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