Spring is always a beautiful season, but Japan takes it to a whole new level! I’m referring, of course, to the thousands of cherry blossom trees currently in bloom, covering the country in every shade of pink imaginable. It’s a beautiful sight that is far too short, meaning I’ve got my camera out whenever I’ve got the chance. But then, so does everyone else…All I see at the moment on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr are photos of these flowers, so I’m joining in with some of my own. Hardly original, but as they’re only in bloom for a couple of weeks, why not?

These photos were (hastily) snapped at Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo. Thanks for the tip Fashion Bento, this really was an incredible sight!











13 Responses to “Blossom”
  1. Wow… Absolutely amazing photos!

  2. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you!

  3. Spatz says:

    Thank you for those wonderful photos – one day I’ll see them myself, hopefully!

  4. Can i use your photos for my blog? It talks about multi culture! I’ll cite you under photos!:)

  5. mahiwords says:

    wow, amazing image!

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