24 Hours in Osaka

Time for a major catch up! Exactly a month ago I left Japan after living there for over two years, and am now back in my hometown, the Gold Coast, in Australia. While I was over there I tried to explore as much as I could of Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures, but for some reason I’d never had the chance to visit Osaka (unless you count the 8 hours I spent there on my very first night in Japan – travelling from the airport to a hotel to the train station). So last November, 3 weeks before leaving Japan, I visited Osaka for the first time…and loved it!

People always told me Tokyo and Osaka were very different cities but could never explain why. Well here’s my theory – Tokyo is made up of suburbs and neighbourhoods the greatly differ from one another. For example there’s Ginza, for the wealthy, upper-class folk; Harajuku, the hang out place for the brightly-dressed younger generation; Roppongi, art and culture central by day, nightclub central by night; Shinjuku, the red-light district. In Osaka, all these areas are thrown together making the heart of the city extremely diverse and interesting. The locals of Osaka are also friendlier and generally happier people than those in Tokyo. Sorry Tokyoites!

What to see: Dotonbori – main tourist attraction famous for the 3D restaurant signs and the Glico “running man” billboard. Osaka Castle – built in the 16th century, now a historical museum. Osaka Aquarium – one of the largest public aquariums in the world. Universal Studios Japan – never got the chance to visit but I’ve heard great things, especially for Halloween.

Osaka is also famous for its street food, and in particular the “takoyaki”, fried balls of octopus that I couldn’t bring myself to try despite how much everyone raved about them.

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4 Responses to “24 Hours in Osaka”
  1. asterisk says:

    Glad you lived Osaka. You have brought back many memories ;) Kim*


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