Ra Ra Superstar

Just a few photos I took last month with the lovely Courtney for Ra Ra Superstar. This little store in Paddingtion, Brisbane, uses recycled material to create cute and quirky clothing, plus they sell vintage and secondhand pieces. Definitely worth checking out the store if you’re in the area and a lover of vintage clothing (particularly the sixties).

This is probably my first real attempt at branching out from my usual travel and landscape photography to portraits and fashion photography. What do you think?

11 Responses to “Ra Ra Superstar”
  1. you’re so pretty love! i love the white frilly top w/ hat outfit the best! <3

    please check out my latest outfit & share your thoughts! :)

  2. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful!! all of these clothes are so pretty :) and you look a LOT like sophie turner btw (huge compliment) <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  3. bykaja says:

    I loveyour pictures!! and the red jumpsuit is amazing! :)


  4. You look fantastic! Loving all of the different patterns!

    x Sarah

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