A New Dawn

Last Saturday, for the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, I went to my first Anzac Day dawn service. This one was held at Elephant Rock, Currumbin Beach and was the biggest service on the Gold Coast, with crowds of over 30,000 braving the cold at 4am. It was such an amazing experience to see … Continue reading


Dear Japan, Thank you for granting me a working visa last week – it looks like I’m here for another year. As of next Wednesday I’ll have been living Japan for 18 months (where did that time go?) and while my Japanese is still terribly poor, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve learnt how to deal … Continue reading


Hanami – to take as many selfies beneath the cherry blossom trees as possible. Ok, so not quite the definition of hanami, but it might as well be. Every spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the tradition is to admire the flowers with a picnic of food and alcohol, along with thousands of other people. … Continue reading

Goodbye Winter

Another warm, sunny Sunday in Yokohama – is it safe to say winter is over? My Sunday started once again with a coffee date while basking in the sun and people watching, with my love, Pierre Hermé. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Yes, like all the well-known bloggers and instagrammers, I’ve become obsessed with macarons. … Continue reading

Weather With You

Today might be Valentine’s Day but it feels more like Christmas in the Winter Wonderland that is currently Tokyo. It’s this week’s second snowstorm, and I’m over it! The region’s worst snowfall in 45 years has completely shut down the capital, leaving normally bustling streets now deserted. Busy cities and snow are never a good … Continue reading

The New Year

Braving the cold for hours, surrounded by thousands of people invading your personal space is all part of the uncomfortable experience of Hatsumōde, the first shrine of the year. This week I endured the crowds of one of the busiest shrines – Meiji Jingu in Tokyo – to pray to all the gods for good health and … Continue reading

525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year in the life? Rent tells us to measure in love, I prefer to measure in photos. These are some of my favourite photos of 2013, featuring the incredible places I’ve seen and the amazing people I’ve been so lucky to meet. While I still haven’t figured where I’m headed … Continue reading

Living in Wonderland

“People who live in foreign countries are all crazy, especially Australians!” When my friend said this to me two weeks ago, I was equally confused about his theory and offended he’d just called me “especially crazy”. (At least, being a fellow Australian, he’s in the same boat as me.) His reasoning? Who in their right … Continue reading