Miami Retro

Yesterday my sister and I were face with a very difficult question – what to do on the Gold Coast on a budget when the weather is beautiful but slightly too cold for swimming? Well after thorough research (with no help from “Siri”) we found Bike Central in Mermaid Beach which offers half day bicycle … Continue reading

A New Dawn

Last Saturday, for the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, I went to my first Anzac Day dawn service. This one was held at Elephant Rock, Currumbin Beach and was the biggest service on the Gold Coast, with crowds of over 30,000 braving the cold at 4am. It was such an amazing experience to see … Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago my youngest sister and I headed down to Burleigh Heads beach at 5am to take some photos and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately we were about 10 minutes too late to see the sunrise but we did get some great shots. My sister, Irene, is a great little dancer!

Liquid Gold

Another beautiful sunset transforming the ocean into liquid gold at Enoshima Island, Japan.

Tokyo Bay

Looking out over the ever photogenic Tokyo Bay, featuring Rainbow Bridge, from Odaiba.

La Playa

While I’m hardly your typical “True Blue Aussie” (people are often surprised to find I’m Australian) there’s one particular trait I haven’t lost – my inability to cope with temperatures below 10°C. You’d think after 5 properly cold winters I would have acclimatised, but with snow forecast for tomorrow there’s not place I’d rather be … Continue reading


Dreaming of Australian beaches…always! Are all Australians beach snobs like me? It’s almost impossible not to be when we’re surrounded by such an incredible coastline. Someone please take me home, if only for a day, to see those incomparable golden beaches.