Flower Fields

So I’m starting a new job tomorrow and I figure, why get a good night’s rest beforehand when I could be writing a new blog post instead! Seems only logical. I realise these photos are long overdue since sunflowers are only in bloom in Australia until late January and it’s now April. Better late than never I … Continue reading


Lake Kawaguchi, the second largest and most popular of the Fuji Five Lakes, is a must for anyone living in the Tokyo region. As if the incredible view of Mt Fuji wasn’t enough, it’s also well known for the autumn leaves. From late October until the end of November, the maple trees that line the … Continue reading

Maizuru Castle Park

On a free day back in the summer I ventured to Yamanashi Prefecture with the intention of visiting the Shosen Valley, located near the city Kofu. I couldn’t find much information on the place, but access seemed relatively easy – catch a train to Kofu, then take the bus up the mountain. Unfortunately what I … Continue reading

Mt Takao

If you ask a local about Japan’s nature their response will often be “Japan has no nature”. And yet, just a 45 minute train ride from Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, you’ll find yourself at the base of a small mountain called Mt Takao. To reach the summit you can use one of the six … Continue reading


You’d never know I was a real “city girl” when the majority of my blog posts are of beaches or mountain ranges. But when you live in (or very close to) cities as big as Tokyo, taking a day trip into the countryside to clear your head is needed every so often. My first choice … Continue reading

National Treasure

Kyoto continued… Easily one of the most popular tourist spots in Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera is a designated national treasure and a fixture in the minds of Japanese people. The historic temple, that was established in 778, is an enchanting glimpse into the Japanese culture of past and present. The street leading to the temple even makes you … Continue reading

In the Golden Afternoon

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in summer than wandering through sunflower fields, somewhere in the countryside of Japan.  

The Climb

As I’ve stated in an earlier post, I’m more inclined to visit a place if I believe it’ll make a great photo. Should that place happen to be on top of a mountain only accessible by foot, I will still go. Since I was young I’ve had a habit of climbing things, big or small, … Continue reading