Flower Fields

So I’m starting a new job tomorrow and I figure, why get a good night’s rest beforehand when I could be writing a new blog post instead! Seems only logical. I realise these photos are long overdue since sunflowers are only in bloom in Australia until late January and it’s now April. Better late than never I … Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago my youngest sister and I headed down to Burleigh Heads beach at 5am to take some photos and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately we were about 10 minutes too late to see the sunrise but we did get some great shots. My sister, Irene, is a great little dancer!

Liquid Gold

Another beautiful sunset transforming the ocean into liquid gold at Enoshima Island, Japan.

In the Golden Afternoon

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in summer than wandering through sunflower fields, somewhere in the countryside of Japan.  

C’est La Vie

One of the easiest ways to escape the Sunday crowds (and heat) in Tokyo is to jump on a train bound for Enoshima. This tiny island is about an hour south of Tokyo, the final stop on the Shonan Monorail. Although it’s still a touristy spot the steep hills and hundreds of stairs thin out … Continue reading