Electric Feel

Something I’ve always hated when trying to capture landscape shots is electricity power poles. Too often I find a stunning view is spoiled by the presence of electricity poles or power lines, and this was the case once again last weekend. Mt Tamborine offers views of the Gold Coast to the east, the South Queensland … Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago my youngest sister and I headed down to Burleigh Heads beach at 5am to take some photos and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately we were about 10 minutes too late to see the sunrise but we did get some great shots. My sister, Irene, is a great little dancer!

Good Night Tokyo

On my last evening in Tokyo I went to Tokyo Tower to watch the sunset and take in the view one last time. After two years it still amazes me just how incredibly huge the city is! Thanks for having me, Tokyo, I’ve had a wonderful time. I’ve made lots of great memories that I’ll … Continue reading

24 Hours in Osaka

Time for a major catch up! Exactly a month ago I left Japan after living there for over two years, and am now back in my hometown, the Gold Coast, in Australia. While I was over there I tried to explore as much as I could of Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures, but for some … Continue reading

Autumn Lovers

All you need is love…and autumn. Possibly the best thing about Japan is the seasons, and in particular, autumn. In Tokyo the best time of year is November and early December which means right now everyone is flocking to the popular parks like Ueno or Shinjuku Gyoenmae. Sure, they’re nice and they’re central, but for … Continue reading

Liquid Gold

Another beautiful sunset transforming the ocean into liquid gold at Enoshima Island, Japan.


Lake Kawaguchi, the second largest and most popular of the Fuji Five Lakes, is a must for anyone living in the Tokyo region. As if the incredible view of Mt Fuji wasn’t enough, it’s also well known for the autumn leaves. From late October until the end of November, the maple trees that line the … Continue reading

Maizuru Castle Park

On a free day back in the summer I ventured to Yamanashi Prefecture with the intention of visiting the Shosen Valley, located near the city Kofu. I couldn’t find much information on the place, but access seemed relatively easy – catch a train to Kofu, then take the bus up the mountain. Unfortunately what I … Continue reading